Green Grass Lawn Saver Dog Treats - 120 Grain-Free Green Grass Saver Chews - Dog Pee Grass Burn Spots Neutralizer + Chewable Probiotics for Dogs, Digestive Enzymes, Apple Cider Vinegar, DL Methionine, USA

  • DOG GRASS SAVER SUPPLEMENT - Our Natual Peanut Butter flavored grass-saver for dogs helps with brown patch & yellow spot dog pee lawn repair using natural grain free ingredients in our soft chewable dog biscuits
  • DOG URINE NEUTRALIZER FOR GRASS - Our soft chews contain 250mg of DL Methionine for dogs to reduce nitrogen levels in dog urine to prevent lawn burn. We added Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs as a dog urine lawn neutralizer to balance the PH, for dog probiotic support, & to aid digestion. Safely use our dog urine grass saver treats along w/ dog rocks to prevent grass burn
  • DIGESTIVE SUPPORT - Dog Probiotic + Prebiotics + Digestive Enzyme Supplement for Dogs + Pumpkin. We included 200mg of digestive enzymes for dogs paired with Yucca & Pumpkin for digestive health. Plus 500 million CFU of dog probiotics chewables for pet allergy relief, constipation, diarrhea, immune support, & canine gastrointestinal health to complete our digestive biscuits
  • URINARY TRACT, BLADDER, & KIDNEY HEALTH - We enhanced our digestive dog chews with probiotic for dogs & D Mannose to help prevent UTI urinary tract infections & incontinence, improve bladder health, strength, kidney function & boost immune system. Green Tea for antioxidants
  • WHY STRAWFIELD PETS - Our dog products & dog supplies are 100% Made in USA from natural ingredients, crafted in small batches & independently lab tested for safety. Our dog supplements & vitamins contain NO gluten, grain, dairy, wheat, soy, sugar, salt, artificial additives