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Pre + Probiotic Powder for Cats, 4.2 oz, 5 Billion CFUs per scoop with Chicory Root & Catnip

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  • CAT PROBIOTICS POWDER - 5 Billion CFU's per 1 gram scoop (1/2 tsp), Natural Chicken Liver powder to make it delectable to even the most refined feline palet, Catnip for a happy belly and prevent nausea from hairballs, Brewers Yeast for gastrointestinal health and natural source of B vitamins, Chicory Root (source of inulin) as prebiotic fiber. 18 powerful probiotic strains for cat health, food digestion, nutrient absorption & immune support. 
  • CAT IMMUNE & DIGESTIVE SUPPORT - Our probiotic for cats supports a healthy immune system. Best cat probiotics for gastrointestinal health & feline gut flora. Helps restore the microbiome of the gut during and after antibiotic use.
  • HEALTHY CAT SKIN & COAT SUPPLEMENT - Our cat prebiotic & probiotic helps with nutrient absorption to better support pets with allergies, dull coat, shedding, dandruff, low energy, and overall wellness.
  • WHY STRAWFIELD PETS - Our cat products & cat supplies are 100% Made in USA from natural ingredients, crafted in small batches & independently lab tested for safety & purrfection for your kitty. Our cat supplements & vitamins contain NO gluten, grain, dairy, wheat, soy, sugar, salt, or artificial additives.

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