Pre + Probiotic Powder for Dogs - 5 Billion CFUs per scoop - Blended with Enzymes & Beef Liver & Pumpkin

  • PROBIOTIC + PREBIOTIC + ENZYMES - 120 scoops per jar, 8 probiotic strains, 5 billion CFU per scoop, Inulin prebiotic, Beef Liver and a touch of Brewer's Yeast. For dog allergies, constipation relief, gas, bad breath, hot spot treatment, itchy skin relief, healthy coat, shedding, itching, prevent UTI & yeast infection. Safe for small, medium, large, giant breeds, puppy, adult, senior dogs
  • DOG DIGESTIVE ENZYME BLEND + PUMPKIN - Healthy dog digestion aid for canine digestive health. Just mix with dog food to improve sensitive stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, loose stool, constipated dogs, bloating, flatulence & malabsorption of dog vitamins with 6 types of digestive enzymes
  • DOG IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT & ALLERGY RELIEF - Pet antibiotics destroy gut bacteria causing an increase in gut permeability leading to dog food sensitivities, allergies, IBS, and a weakened immune system. Our Dog Prebiotics & Probiotic Powder restores healthy gut flora balance for pet health & vitality. Best dog acidophilus probiotic for canine health
  • ANTI-COPROPHAGIA PREVENTION - When dogs sense a nutritional imbalance, their instincts tell them how to restore nutrients. Our probiotics powder works as a dog coprophagia deterrent or anti poop deterrent to prevent pets from eating feces
  • MADE IN THE USA - We proudly make all of our dog vitamins, prebiotics for dogs & the best probiotic supplement for dogs in a federally regulated laboratory, and each batch is independently lab tested for safety before leaving our facility, so you can trust the quality of our products for your furry friends.

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