Furry Friends find their favorite calming chewy in Strawfield Pets new calming treats

April 27, 2018

Strawfield Pets has introduced its new au-natural Calming Treats for Dogs Anxiety Relief on Amazon that promises best anxiety and stress relief for dogs even in stressful situations.


Noblesville, IN, April 17, 2018: Pet owners worried about their hyperactive canines can finally heave a sigh of relief. Leading pet products manufacturer Strawfield Pets has recently launched its Calming Treats for Dogs Anxiety Relief on Amazon that will keep your furry friend cool and relaxed even in the most stressful situations. Made with au-natural ingredients, the new chewable is bustling with rave reviews and stellar ratings from customers.


The new chewy pack from Strawfield Pets contains 120 soft chews, layered in sumptuous Bacon flavor to make things more interesting for our pet pals.


“As pet lovers ourselves, we understand how much you are concerned about your furry friend. A stressed dog is the last thing that you will want on your list. But there are some specific situations that are really taxing on the dogs such as thunderstorms, fireworks – and it’s a pain to see your puppy getting all anxious and hyper. And this is where our all new ‘Calming Treats for Dogs Anxiety Relief’ comes in. We have got an extremely effective natural calming treat for your pet which is meticulously designed with the choicest of ingredients to cool down your hyperactive and anxious dogs. It’s a strict all-natural product to ensure the safest consumption and is completely free from wheat, gluten, sugar, soy or gumming agents”, stated a leading spokesperson from Strawfield Pets.


The spokesperson explained the importance of each major ingredient used in the new soft chew –


  • Valerian Root- great sedative that helps to calm down stress and separation anxiety in dogs
  • L-Tryptophan- works as excellent anti-anxiety aide and a proven agent of relaxation, relief and pet calming
  • USDA Organic Chamomile, Organic Passion Flower and Organic Ginger Root- assure relief from nausea and help the dog to attain a soothing composure


The new dog calming aide from Strawfield Pets can be used for any kind of dogs, irrespective of the size of breed and age of dogs.  According to the spokesperson, the delicious au-natural calming chewable will duly complement thunder-shirts, dog calming collars, thunder vest, thunder shirt jackets as well as anxiety vests. It’s safer and more effective than prescription meds for anxiety and also assures no side effects as we usually see with medications.


Calming Treats for Dogs Anxiety Relief is designed to address a number of unwanted situations in canines-


  • Jumping on house guests
  • Thunder storm & fireworks anxiety
  • Inappropriate wetting
  • Anxious disturbing barks out of stress
  • Hyper and aggressive behavior
  • Motion sickness & nausea from travel and car rides


For best results, the treat should be given to the dog 30 minutes prior to travel or the start of any situation (like vet visit) that may push the pet to stress or anxiety.


“We promise you a premium quality and safe natural calming treat for your beloved furry friend. All our treats are manufactured in the USA in our NASC-approved, Federally Regulated lab to assure best products and peace of mind for our customers.”


Strawfield Pets is ready to extend full refund on customer dissatisfaction. For more information, please visit Amazon.