Strawfield Pets Launches the New and Natural Treatment for Anxiety Disorders in Dogs

April 27, 2018

The oversized jar of calming chews from Strawfield Pets will make lives easier for dogs and their owners quite naturally.

[Noblesville], [Indiana] – April 16, 2018 – Here’s a breath of relief for dog owners who have always struggled to help their canine companions overcome anxiety. The large jar filled with natural and soft chews take care of a variety of anxiety issues that frequent dogs.

A dog’s love and faithfulness are some of the traits that make them special animals. However, it is unfortunate that man’s best friend struggles with anxiety disorders in different forms. Not only are these issues discomforting for your dog, but they can also be embarrassing for you as owners who want to take your pets to public places or have house guests over.

There are several kinds of stimuli that can trigger anxiety in dogs including but not limited to the sound of thunder, a trip to the veterinarian, an anticipated meeting with the groomer, etc. Depending on the severity of the condition, a dog can go completely out of control at times.

Such issues could affect the relationship you have with your pet because you wouldn’t be able to take him/her out. Moreover, leaving your dog behind under someone else’s responsibility can be an even bigger problem. This is because, while you as an owner can still control your dog, the situation can go out of hand for someone who does not know the dog very well.

The best solution, therefore, is dog calming chews. While not every chew is the same, chews from Strawfield Pets contain natural ingredients and are a safe alternative to prescription medications which can have harmful side effects.

Dog calming chews from Strawfield Pets are completely natural and contain no gluten, no sugar, no wheat, no salt and no corn. The company has stayed away from everything that can harm a dog’s health even slightly, e.g., the gumming agents.

David and Leah, the owners and founders of Strawfield Pets, say, "We grew up on small farms where we only used natural, organic ingredients for our family. Our pets are part of our family too so we created Strawfield Pets to give them the same chance at vitality & longevity to live a happier & healthier life."

The bacon flavor makes an irresistibly delicious treat for dogs while providing your pet the necessary anti-anxiety benefits at the same time. These chews can help your dog with a variety of anxiety related problems. They can even eliminate scratching and wetting problems when you combine the treats with calming collars.

Giving a chew to your dog 30 minutes before an anxiety-triggering event will save you embarrassment and your dog will not suffer discomfort. Strawfield Pets’ dog calming chews will be the next best friend for dog owners whose pets struggle with aggression, nervousness, anxiety and many other disorders.

Strawfield Pets dog chews are Made in the USA. They are genuine, and the ‘large jar’(as the customers have dubbed it), contains 120 chews for your dog. The laboratory, where the company prepares the chews, is federally regulated and goes through regular NASC inspections. The final product is strictly within the CGMP regulations so you can trust the quality.

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