Dermoscent Dog Paw Balm - 50ml Jar - Organic Moisturizer for Elbow, Paw Pads and Nose - Cracked & Dry Skin Relief

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  • WATER RESISTANT - Goes on easy, like paw butter. Almost like a cream but with a thick and rich texture. Creating water resistance and long-lasting protection. Perfect to use before and after walks or playing outside.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC - The hydrating formula of Dermoscent BIO BALM come from organic-certified ingredients. Feel good knowing you are using the purest, natural, high-quality ingredients on your pet's sensitive skin.
  • SOOTHING OINTMENT - A natural remedy for dry, cracked paws and licking relief. Make sure to protect your dog's footpads with this one-of-a-kind paw-guard. Don't forget the tender skin of the nose. We like to say, protection before medicine.
  • MOISTURIZES AND SOOTHES - Dry skin relief for sensitive skin. Softens and soothes cracking as it absorbs. Tip: If your K9 likes to wear dog shoes or booties, put the soothing butter on the paws first. The perfect gift for the dogs we love.
  • HOW TO USE - Apply Dermoscent BIO BALM on clean and dry areas. Particularly on the nose, elbows, paws and in the interdigital areas. Pat on the areas once or more times a day. For a dry and scaly nose, apply a little to the nose each night. To keep your pet's nose moisturized and free of keratin build-up.

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