Dermoscent Essential 6 Spot-On for Dogs - Multifunctional Skin Care Formula


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  • VETERINARY CHOICE - Vets love the pure skin ingredients. Rich in essential omega 3 and fatty acids. No need for pills and easy to use. Reduces the need for dog shampoo for dry skin. Keeps skin smooth and healthy providing itch relief for dogs. A natural approach to avoid prescription medication.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Essential 6 spot-on is subject to the rigorous selection of 100% natural active ingredients. A synergy of 10 essential oils. Clove, Camphor, Gaultheria, Rosemary, Curcuma, Oregano, Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree, and Cedar), Hemp Oil, and Neem Oil. Rich in Essential Fatty Acids and vitamin E.
  • THE SECRET TO SOFT SKIN - You'll love this skin soother for dogs. A topical Omega 3 supplement for healthy skin and fur. When used regularly it creates everlasting support for the skin. Helping relieve skin allergy symptoms, itching scaly skin, and dandruff.
  • HEALTHY HAIR REGROWTH - This is liquid gold formula for bald spots, dry brittle fur, and thinning or hair loss. Before reverting to medicine, try this home remedy first. Your dog will feel, look and smell like a day at the spa.
  • HOW TO USE - Remove the snap-off top of the pipette. Move the hairs of your pet aside and apply all the Essential 6 spot-on between the shoulders on the skin. For optimal and lasting results, start with initial treatment for 2 months, applying one pipette per week. Then 1 pipette every 2 weeks. Don't bathe your pet 2 days before nor 2 days after application. And let the oil do its magic!

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