10 Ways to Add More Healthy Years to Your Old Dogs Life

October 02, 2019

10 Ways to Add More Healthy Years to Your Old Dogs Life

Few dog caretakers want to see their furry friends approach their final days. The inevitable truth is that someday they may cross the rainbow bridge and pass away. Even so, there is no reason you can't help to boost their health and extend your time together! With the right approach, you can help your old dog remain in your life for longer. 

1. Water exercise 

Water is easier on your elderly dogs muscles and joints than the hard ground. The hours of frisbee fetch may be over but the swimming can still remain. A few dips in still water such as a lake or a quarry can give your dog some much needed and safe exercise. Take precaution. Even an old dog loves to fetch a thrown stick. A few rounds will be plenty. 


2. Bury the bone 

Even before your dog was one years old, they may have loved to dig. Before you knew it, your dog had treasures hidden all over your yard. Digging isn't too strenuous but gives them exercise. Give them something to bury in the backyard to get then playing and digging again. 

3. Massage 

Similar to humans, massage is great for dogs. Circular motions with your fingertips on their body, especially their backs, hind legs and front legs increase blood flow and ease tension. 


4. Senior dog vitamins 

Time to change their vitamin regimen! Sometimes our dogs grow so fast we forget they are seniors and not adults anymore. Senior dog multivitamins are a natural way to boost their health by providing them with nutrients older dogs need to live happier and longer lives. 


5. Socialization with pups

If you only have one dog, romping around town with you may have been enough. However, older dogs sometimes need to go back to their canine roots. Socializing them with energetic pups helps them to play, even if briefly like when they were younger. You will notice a difference in their demeanor once around puppies for a period of time. 

6. New places 

The same old surroundings are familiar but stale. Everyday your dog may wake up, go to their food dish, go outside and then lay around the house. This routine may be comfortable but it isn't going to stimulate their senses. Take them to a new  lake, dog park or even a friends house they have never been to before. You may see the young pooch come out in the old dog to play. 

7. New tricks 

Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks? Teach them something new! Whether it be a command they've never learned before or a fun game you can play together, new tricks will help keep their mind fresh and engaged. 

8. Changes to their diet 

Older dogs tend to have slower metabolisms. They can even have vitamin deficiencies if not fed the proper senior dog chow or senior dog vitamins. If you don't want to make the switch to their regular dog food, try supplementing using natural vitamins or adding nutrient rich powders to their regular chow. 


9. Doggie doors 

If you haven't had a dog door installed by now, maybe it's time to think about getting one. Older dogs have a more difficult time controlling their bladders. This isn't time for punishment when accidents happen. In fact, giving them the freedom to come and go as they please outdoors will uplift their moods and help them to stop holding their bladders or stool when it's time to go. 

10. Keep them close

We know the idea of your beloved pooch passing is heartbreaking. Sometimes, it is not within our control. The last years of your dogs life are a time to keep them close. Let them sleep in bed with you at night, take them on car rides with you, even bring them with you to places you may have never brought them in the past. Your dog loves you, just as much as you love them. Don't let the last years of their lives be too distant from you. 

There are many different ways to help keep your old dog happy and healthy for a longer life. Remember, a healthy diet, vitamin regimen, new experiences and lots of love is the best recipe for a senior dogs extended life. 


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