5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

September 02, 2019

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

Your little ball of fur just turned 1 years old! Or perhaps, they are coming up on their 8 year birthday! Whether it is for your rowdy pup or your old loyal dog, celebrating your pets birthday is a great occasion to have some fun. Any reason to celebrate is a good reason! 

1. Take them to new destination

Has your furry friend ever been swimming in that large, pet-friendly lake an hour away? Today is the day to take them to a new destination to give them a good workout and to have a fun day swimming, hiking or playing outdoors. 

2. Get them something special 

Of course, they may not know why they are getting a new toy or a new treat, but they will love you for it anyway! If you opt for treats, consider giving them something that will benefit their health and their taste buds! There are natural and flavorful dog supplements that are loaded with ingredients like hemp powder, omega 3 and probiotics that are good for your dog. Nothing says “I love you” like getting them something that tastes good and benefits their health at the same time! 

3. Make them a home cooked meal 

You may have them on a pretty strict diet regimen, but today is their birthday! It isn’t going to harm your dog if you cook them a home cooked meal once a year on their birthdays. Research the different foods puppies can eat vs. mature adult dogs. They slightly differ. In general, an egg and an animal-based protein such as meat from chicken, lamb, or turkey is safe to give them. Be sure to remove any bones. As we know, dogs love bones, but some bones splinter more easily than others. 

4. Plan a playdate with pals 

Getting the gang together for a fun day of running around the yard or swimming in the lake will make your pet pal very happy! If you know other dogs in the neighborhood, invite them and their owners over for an outdoor BBQ or a friendly outing. Being pack animals, dogs love their time with other dogs. 

5. Bake or buy a birthday cakes for dogs 

Did you know there are some places that make birthday cakes specifically designed for dogs? You can even make one yourself! Find recipes.  Many have healthy recipes that contain oat flour, peanut butter and pumpkin puree. Pumpkin is especially good for your lovable pal. You can even add a wild alaskan soft chew with omega 3 on top as a healthy and creative cake decoration! 

If your dog is a member of your family, there is no reason to not celebrate their birthday the way you would your relative! These fun ways to celebrate your dog’s birthday will get the ball-rolling to make their day extra special! 


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