6 Steps to Keep Your Pets Fur Coat Shiny and Healthy

October 23, 2019

6 Steps to Keep Your Pets Fur Coat Shiny and Healthy

One of our most treasured pastimes with our pets is stroking their magnificent fur coats. Not only is it therapeutic for us but it is soothing for them as well. A healthy fur coat both feels good and looks good. The healthier their fur coat the less problems down the road. Your furry friend deserves a healthy and shiny coat, you can take steps to ensure they have the best around! 

Step 1: Brushing 

Brush your pets coat at least once a day to prevent tangles and matting. Brushing also helps disperse their natural oils for a beautiful sheen. 


Step 2: Bathing 

Bathing ensures their coat stays clean. Use the right pet shampoo that helps cleanse both skin and fur. Avoid bathing everyday or every week, as this can actually strip their natural oils and dull their coats shine. For cleansing between baths, try soothing wipes to remove gunk, dirt or grime from their coat. 


Step 3: Healthy Pet Vitamins 

A daily dose of a pet multivitamin will prevent any health issues that may affect their skin or coat. If their fur needs extra support immediately, try a pet supplement with salmon oil and hemp seed oil designed for healthy skin and coats to eliminate the problem and boost their fur coat care. 


Step 4: Trimming

It helps to trim the fur between their paws or near hard to reach crevices where matting can occur. This is especially true of long-haired animals. No need to go overboard. However, a light trim can go a long way to stop tangles from happening. If there is any serious matting, be sure to take them to a professional grooming or vet. 

Step 5: Pet Insect Repellent 

Fleas, ticks and mites can become a problem if your pet spends a lot of time outdoors or even in places with many other animals around. There are sprays, wipes and even collars designed to repel unwanted critters from burrowing under their skin or attaching to their fur. 

Step 6: Petting 

Petting helps disperse oils needed for a shiny coat. Frequent petting allows you to check for any strange bumps or abrasions on their skin. Knowing your pets body will help you find a potential problem before it gets out of hand! 

A well cared for coat is a sign of good health. With these steps for a healthy and shiny coat, your pet will always look and feel their best! 


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