Benefits of Benzoyl Peroxide Shampoo for Dogs

April 22, 2019

Benefits of Benzoyl Peroxide Shampoo for Dogs

Just like humans, dogs require regular bathing. However, dogs have a lot more hair than we humans do! They need to be properly shampooed to get the best benefits from their bath. Not every shampoo is the same. A deep cleaning shampoo like benzoyl peroxide removes excess oil, washes away dirt and conditions the skin underneath. However, sometimes our furry friend needs extra attention for problems such as mange and dermatitis. Benzoyl peroxide dog shampoo is also effective when it comes to treating these conditions.


Demodex mites burrow deep inside the hair follicles. These tight quarters may be packed with mites but a topical mite treatment may not be able to reach them. Benzoyl peroxide dog shampoo will soften the skin opening up pores. This will allow the shampoo to penetrate deeply into the hair follicles removing any gunk left behind from the mites. Opening up the hair follicles will allow the shampoo along with other mite fighting treatments to access the skin more easily. Continued use of benzoyl peroxide shampoo is recommended until all traces of the mite are removed.


Oil and Dirt

Benzoyl peroxide shampoo has antibacterial properties that remove excess oil and built-up grime on even the dirtiest of dogs. Some dogs roll around in feces or venture into bacteria-filled areas such as unirrigated lakes. You want to use a benzoyl peroxide shampoo to ensure deep cleaning removing any bacteria on their fur or on their skin as a preventative measure from more serious conditions.


Seborrhea, Dermatitis and Acne

Skin conditions known as seborrhea, dermatitis and acne are actually quite common among dogs. From allergies to temperature changes, there are many causes for these skin issues. Benzoyl Peroxide dog shampoo can help. You may see flaking and drying of the skin worsen for the first two weeks. Continue treatment. Benzoyl Peroxide is designed to remove the excess oil and the scaly skin caused by these conditions.

Topical Treatments

Benzoyl peroxide makes it easier for topical treatments to work on your dog. By softening the skin and opening the pores, the topical treatment will work more effectively. Only use this shampoo once a week especially when applying other treatments.  It will cleanse the dog’s hair follicles to prevent infections. Typically, the topical treatments used on mange, acne, seborrhea or hot spots will be used daily.

Do not use a benzoyl peroxide made for humans or mix benzoyl peroxide with a dog shampoo for the same results. They are too concentrated and may do more harm than good.

Be sure to buy a benzoyl peroxide made for dogs. Benzoyl Peroxide is a fast-acting dog shampoo and skin remedy for your pet. You will be happy you chose a dog shampoo that serves more purpose than one!


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