Best Exercises to Keep Your Dog in Good Shape

May 21, 2019

Best Exercises to Keep Your Dog in Good Shape

Before dogs became the domestic house pets we know and love, they were used for hunting, herding and transportation. Your dog may need more activity than the twice a day walk around the neighborhood. We know you may have a busy schedule but there are ways to keep your dog in good shape that will benefit both of your lives. These exercises are specifically for your dogs physical health but it can also do wonders for their emotional and mental health as well.


Weekend hikes are beneficial to your dogs health. There are many remote hiking trails where you can allow your dog off the leash to roam the landscape freely. This gives your dog the opportunity to explore while providing a touch of independence. This is a golden opportunity to establish trust and put your dog's loyalty to the test.  Additionally, they get better much exercise by working different muscle groups when traveling uphill and maneuvering over uneven terrain. This isn’t recommended for new pups or untrained dogs.



Swimming is one the healthiest exercises you can provide for your dog. Find a lake or quarry that is animal-friendly and allow your dog to swim. Dogs are naturally good swimmers. You can even play a game of fetch in the water to really get their gears moving. If your dog isn’t used to this kind of exercise, don’t overwork them. Dogs don’t give up easily so if you keep throwing the stick, chances are they will go for it. This can cause some soreness the next day. Don’t be worried if your dog is a little wobbly on their feet the following day.



If you have the yard space or if there is a park nearby, play a game of frisbee or fetch where they can really go for a hard run and show off some of their agility. Be sure there is enough space. Best to not choose a space with too many passing cars or too many people strolling about.

Furry Friends

Dogs are social creatures. They need interaction with other dogs. You can find furry friends for your buddy by going to a dog park. Dog parks are fenced in areas for dogs to roam around and play with one another. This will give them the social aspect and physical aspect they need to maintain healthier lives.



A proper dog chow combined with the right dog multivitamin is essential to maintaining your dog’s physical wellbeing. Try a 5-in-1 multivitamin to start. If needed, there are dog supplements specifically for hip and joints and cardiovascular health. Don’t feed your dog too much table food. Keep their diet balanced. They may beg for your steak dinner, but they will be much happier without it.


These exercises will keep your dog in tiptop shape and excellent health! Establishing a weekly exercise routine in combination with these added treats will give your dog the activity boost needed for an ultra happy life!


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