Chronic Otitis- What is it and How is It Treated?

December 12, 2018

Chronic Otitis- What is it and How is It Treated?

Ear infections seem to stump the best pet owners, mainly because there are so many reasons your dog is having this issue! Murky pond water, living in humid climates, and diet are just a  few things to factor into your dog’s ear problems. However, there are times when it seems you’ve tried everything, even a vet checkup, and nothing works to take care of your dog’s everlasting ear infection!

The term for this problem is Chronic Otitis, and many canines will acquire it at one point or another. The L shaped canal of your dog’s ear is the perfect place for bacteria to grow; it’s already dark, all it needs is some extra humidity and moisture.

Inflammation in the Body Might Be a Cause for Otitis

One of the first things people notice when their pets are having ear complications is that there is swelling, redness, and pain to the touch. This inflammatory response is the body’s attempt to regulate the infection and purge the area with white blood cells and increased temperature.

Fish oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and is often used to help dogs with skin and fur problems. A daily capsule or chew might help to reduce irritation and swelling if given regularly.

Spending Time at the Dog Park or Lake

The truth is, the dog park really isn’t the best place for your pet to play. Aside from the wild, uncontrolled, and sometimes unsupervised commotion, dog park pools are filled with bacteria. The blue tincture that is used to “clean” the pool isn’t always of the highest degree. Pet owners frequently begin to notice a stench from their dog’s ear that just doesn’t seem to go away, even with a prescription from a vet!

Since some owners have had complications with things like peroxide and other treatments, they’ve looked to other sources for Otitis relief. Antibacterial sprays and cleaners that contain chlorhexidine or chloroxylenol are fairly effective in getting rid of both the inflammation, and the scent of a bad case.

Adjust Your Dog’s Diet

Grain free diets aren’t just a fad for dogs, it’s actually quite beneficial in a number of ways including ear infections. Food allergies play large part in your dog’s overall health, after all it is how your pet heals and replenishes their body. Without quality meals, their body isn’t able to work against infection like it’s supposed to.

Just like us, our dogs carry special kinds of bacteria inside their stomachs and colons that help to break down food and keep other kinds of bacteria in check, even the bacteria in their ears. Probiotics are a great way to supplement your dog’s diet, boost the immune system, improve the body’s ability to balance Ph levels in areas such as the ear canal.

There have been some studies that show a correlation between canine Otitis and poor GI health, so adding probiotics to your dog’s meal could help to reduce symptoms.

It may take some searching to find the right balance for your pet, just know you’re not alone! Many owners have struggled with their dog’s chronic ear infections, even after consulting their veterinarians and getting outside opinions.

Try one of these methods before you give up hope!

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