Common Dog Skin Issues and How to Treat Them

May 01, 2019

Common Dog Skin Issues and How to Treat Them

You notice your dog chewing at their paws, scratching at their fur and even a little matting happening in areas they typically do not have issues. Before you ignore the new behavior, know that your dog might have a problem with their skin. It is nothing to fret about with the right treatment, but first get to know what the common dog skin issues are and what you can do to help treat and cure them.


Dermatitis is one of the most common skin issues for dogs. Mainly because it can be caused by numerous uncontrollable factors. Grass, dust, mold spores, dirt, etc. The list goes on. Constant licking, scratching and rubbing are telltale signs. You can go on a cleaning spree, never let them venture outside again or you can get some over-the-counter treatment that will help. Benzoyl peroxide dog shampoo and omega-3 dog supplements will help with itch relief and dermatitis recurrence.


Fleas and Mites

Your house could be spotless and your dog might still get fleas and mites. They are usually passed from one dog to another dog. However, environment can play a role. Mites can lead to to mange in dogs. Gunky pieces of fur matted together and bald spots on their fur are signs that your dog may be under attack from mites and fleas. Consult with a vet for medication. Aftercare requires use of a benzoyl peroxide dog shampoo to open up their pores and clean out the hair follicles. Antiseptic medicated wipes are helpful between bathing as a preventative measure.



Allergies can stem from the food your dog eats to the places they nap. It can be challenging to know what is specifically causing the allergic reaction to your dogs skin. Always give your furry friend a daily dog supplement to be sure their body is in tip-top shape to fight off any underwanted “foreign bodies.” Increase their protection and help their symptoms by using medicated wipes and shampoos that will provide skin relief.

Abrasions and Lesions

Your dog may have gotten into a quarrel with another dog, snagged their fur on a branch or perhaps, they are experiencing dermatitis or an allergic reaction. Whichever the case may be, now they have an abrasion on their skin that they won’t stop licking. The more they lick, the worse it becomes. This leaves the wound highly susceptible to bacteria. Treat the abrasion with antiseptic medicated wipes and medicated chlorhexidine shampoo. Give them omega-3 softgel dog supplements. The combination of treatment will lead your dog quickly down the road to recovery.


When we see our furry friend scratching and whining, we want to do anything and everything we can to help. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of treatments out there to take care of the problem before and after it starts. Knowing what the common skin issues are and how to treat them will help your dog find relief and possibly save you a trip to the vet!


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