Does Fish Oil Help With Dog Allergies?

May 23, 2018

Does Fish Oil Help With Dog Allergies?

With so much talk going on about giving your dogs fish oil, pet owners are wondering about the benefits of making such an addition to their diet. Fish oil contains necessary fatty acids and is available in the form of capsules and gel chews so that your dog can eat them whichever way they prefer.

Fish oil is rich in fatty acids DHA and EPA, both of which are required by cats and dogs. Surprisingly, it’s these fatty acids that are made in their bodies in very limited capacity. The oil is derived from fish like sardines, salmon, herring, and anchovies. It goes through a molecular distillation process so that pure omega-3 fatty acids can be drawn and any traces of mercury are eradicated.

It’s then packed into fish oil softgels that can be added to your pup’s bowl. Here are some of the benefits you get by adding fish oil to your dog’s diet.


One of the components of fish oil, EPA, is responsible for the anti-inflammatory effect that keeps painful symptoms of arthritis at bay, but that’s not all. It can tackle inflammation that occurs in internal organs, such as kidneys, and the skin as well.

Allergy-based Inflammation

A common sign that your dog is suffering from an allergy is itchy and inflamed skin. Fish oil softgels can reduce itchiness and keep dandruff from recurring, which causes further itching. Moreover, by stopping skin inflammation from worsening, it can effectively hinder the development of painful infections or “hot spots”.

Better Skin and Healthier Coat

Since it keeps your dog’s skin free from itching, inflammation and further infections, it keeps his/her coat shiny and healthy as well. This means that they’ll shed less hair as well due to the increase of nutrients strengthening their coat to prevent excessive shedding.

Youthful Joints

Just as we require omega-3 to maintain our bone health, dogs and cats do too. In fact, they require more of it since their levels of activity and mobility surpasses that of humans. Adding fish oil softgels to your pet’s diet can be beneficial since it keeps their joints healthy and keeps them from aching. You’ll find that your dog will be moving about quite a lot even as they get older, with the help of essential fatty acids.

Better Immunity

With a healthier immune system, your pets are equipped to fight off infections and illnesses. Also, the other essential fatty acid in fish oil softgels, DHA, is crucial for the development of the eyes and brains of newly born puppies. This proves that it’s beneficial to make fish oil a part of your pet’s diet, especially if she’s nursing or pregnant.

The reason why DHA and EPA can do so much for your canine companion is that they make up integral parts of their cellular composition. They play a role in decreasing the instances of swelling, pain, redness, and itching, in your dog. To protect your dog from such symptoms, you can take the precautionary measure of adding fish oil softgels to their diet.


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