Grooming Tips for Healthy Dogs

July 16, 2019

Grooming Tips for Healthy Dogs

It’s that time again! Your furry friend needs a trip to the groomer but you just can’t make time for it this week or perhaps, they simply cannot sit still for the groomers! We can all use a little extra knowledge when comes to grooming our dogs right at home. It isn’t as hard as it sounds. You can make fewer trips to the groomer and your pup will have less health issues in the long run. 

Dogs Grooming Habits

Unlike cats, dogs rarely clean their own fur. They will nibble at a mat or lick their paws when there is some guck on them,  but they rarely get into it the way a feline does. Plus, most dogs just don’t have the same flexibility as a cat for those hard to reach places. 

Why Do We Need to Help? 

Shedding, matting and skin issues. Without regular dog grooming, you and your dog could face a lot of different problems. Your dog naturally sheds but your home will have a hard time staying as hairless as possible, if you don’t take the time to regularly brush them. Plus, with no brushing their fur is more likely to curl up and mat in areas like under their belly and near the tops of their arms and legs. Skin issues can happen from not regularly brushing and bathing. Dogs get into messes when outdoors. Unless it is an internal problem, it usually begins at the fur and then works its way to the skin. 

Grooming Your Dog 

There is where you come in! 

Whether your dog is short-haired or long-haired these grooming tips apply to everyone! However, short-haired dogs require less bathing than long-haired dogs. Regardless, they both require bathing and with the right dog shampoo. Bathe your furry friend at least 1x a week especially if your dog likes to romp around outdoors. You don’t want to overly bathe your dog because it can strip their natural oils. 

If you can’t get around to bathing once every week, use antiseptic dog wipes or antiseptic dog spray to temporarily remove the dirty, grime and gunk from their fur. 

Brush their fur everyday or once every 3 days. Brushing helps remove dead hair and it distributes their oils for a healthier coat of fur. Brushing is key to avoid matting especially in long-haired dogs. 

Trim their nails every two weeks or as soon as you notice their nails getting too long. Keep an eye out for it. You will be able to hear the clicking of their nails or they may walk unevenly. Use dog nail clippers. Be careful to not cut the quick. This is the area where the blood and nerve endings are. It isn’t always visible. If cut, this could potentially wound your dog and it will cause bleeding. You can use styptic powder to stop the bleeding. Some people cut the nails flat and straight across. This leads to fewer instances of cutting the quick. However, the nails may not be as short as needed. Other dog owners cut the nails on a 45 degree angle. Once you get better at trimming your dog’s nails and how they respond to it, you will feel more confident trimming their nails. It takes a little practice.

Always be sure to wipe down their ears or use a dog ear cleaner. This is the main area where ticks and fleas like to hang out. 

There are dog toothpastes made to clean your pups teeth. You can always opt for dog treats and pastes designed to help clean your furry friends mouth. 

Trimming their fur may be better left to the groomers. However, if you want to do it yourself, be sure to get the fur under their paws. Be careful to not snip too closely. Less fur under the paws reduces the risk of rock salt, ice and dirt from getting trapped in their paws. 

These grooming tips will reduce the trips to the groomer and help keep your dogs health in tip top shape! Plus, grooming your dog amps up the bonding experience between you and your pal. If you really don’t feel comfortable with some of these grooming tips, Don’t hesitate to bring them to a groomer. Their best interest is first priority when it comes to their health and they will love you for it! 


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