Handling Your Dog’s Thunderstorm Phobia

April 11, 2018

Handling Your Dog’s Thunderstorm Phobia

Thunderstorm phobia is very real in dogs; it is a condition when your pet’s actions may become uncontrollable. Dog parents who assume that their dog’s reaction to thunderstorms is their way of seeking attention - are dead wrong.

It is possible that your dog may just be experiencing anxiety due to flashing lights, the power outage, the crackling thunder, downpour and thunder noises. This is indeed anxiety that can be calmed just by your actions and how you handle your dog. But breeds that are not predisposed to thunderstorm phobia may begin showing signs of discomfort and fear way before the downpour even begins.  

As a dog parent, it is your responsibility to consider everything that needs to be done while taking care of a dog suffering from thunderstorm phobia.

This is what you need to do:


1.    Identify The Problem

This can be determined by observing the behavior of your pet during thunderstorms and specifically before it. Keep in mind to check the forecasts for thunderstorms, especially if you live in an area where it is common. Dogs can “smell” the storm approaching and will start showing signs of panic, such as panting, drooling, trembling, hiding, covering their eye and even whimpering.


2.    A Safe Spot

Your dog needs your presence. Besides being there for your furry friend you need to create a safe spot for it. Some dogs will run to the garage or bathroom whenever they feel thunder approaching. Most dogs will lie down closer to porcelain surfaces and places that are bad conductors of electricity. Make sure that the safe spot is always available for your pet during the storm.


3.    Thunder Shirts And Other Remedies

Getting a thunder shirt or thunder vests for your pet is necessary if they suffer from this phobia. This can help a great deal and calm your pet and prevent any unfavorable circumstances. You can also opt for pheromones that help reduce dog anxiety and have a calming effect. These are best advised in conditions when your pet is acting adversely due to noise. Some dogs experience noise-induced phobias during fireworks and thunderstorms alike.


4.    Dog Chews

Bear in mind that a dog that is experiencing thunderstorm phobia is not in a good place and watching your pet suffer is “extremely” nerve-racking. But, how you act in such situations can lead to your pet’s immediate recovery or make their symptoms worse. In these conditions, it may seem that your pet is not focused on you, but they will eventually succumb to your calming techniques and “feel” your anxiety. This is when you need to keep it together and act confident because dogs will respond to behavior which resembles that of a pack leader.

This is when dog chews and calming treats for dogs will come in handy. You can be pre-prepared for any such episodes by ordering stress relieving dog chews that help calm your dog immediately. These chews help distract your pet and contain ingredients that are very beneficial in such conditions.


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