Helpful Herbs to Ease Your Dog's Anxiety

March 13, 2019

Helpful Herbs to Ease Your Dog's Anxiety

Do you notice your dog shaking and trembling? Do they whimper when you leave? Do they run and hide when company arrives? Are they incessantly chewing at their paws or licking their fur? These could all be signs that your dog has anxiety. Like humans, dogs get anxiety too.

Your dog’s anxiety may have nothing to do with their environment. Some dogs, especially those who come from animal shelters, such as rescue dogs, suffer from anxiety. Other dogs may have experienced trauma, such as an attack from another animal or a car accident. They can suffer from dog anxiety too. Don’t fear! There are helpful herbs available and measures you can take to help ease your furry friends anxiety.

Signs your dog might have anxiety

Chewing on objects other than toys, destructive behavior, barking, whimpering or crying, restlessness like pacing, excessive licking, unusual aggression, a loss of appetite or refusal to eat, trembling or shaking and excessive panting. There are many factors for several of these symptoms. You know your dog better than anyone. If these start to happen out of the blue or after an experience, anxiety could very well be a cause.

Possible causes of your dog’s anxiety

Moving to a new location or home, traveling in the car, weather-related such as storm, an attack by a human or another animal, yelling or fighting in their environment, being alone for too long, a change in schedule, new visitors and members of the family coming and going for extended periods of time. Dogs have feelings too. There are also specific breeds this trait is more prominent in. Do your research and discover if your dog is one of those breeds. Other factors of your dog’s anxiety may have happened before you and your dog ever entered each others lives. Rescue dogs, stray dogs, abused dogs or dogs who experienced trauma all run the potential risk of having anxiety problems later on.


Treatment for your dog’s anxiety

Some people consider putting their dogs on heavy duty anti-anxiety medications such as Valium, Xanax, ProZac, Paxil or Lorazepam but these aren’t always the first or best option you can take. Natural remedies are known to work well and are often safer and with less potential side effects compared to medications. Hemp oil, chamomile, St. John’s wort, valerian root are the top natural treatments for dog anxiety. These do not induce the same effects of marijuana with THC nor do they create an intoxicating effect on your furry friend. Hemp oil, chamomile and valerian all have calming agents that relax and soothe the symptoms caused by anxiety. If these seem familiar to you, it is because we use these same herbs to help reduce anxiety. These herbs calm nerves, mildly sedate and treat depression.

How to treat your dog’s anxiety

Some pet owners make teas or tinctures to provide their dog with these anxiety treating remedies. However, it is much safer and more convenient to give your dog a daily dog calming chew containing 2 or more of these natural ingredients. This ensures the proper dosage will be preset so you can find the right calming treat for your dog facing anxiety symptoms.

If your dog has anxiety and you are worried it may be something else, don’t hesitate to bring your dog to the vet to be checked out first. If they find there isn’t a more serious health problem or life-threatening condition, then it might be dog anxiety. Natural anti-anxiety dog calming supplements can help.

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