Helpful Tips to Know About Dogs with Children

August 06, 2019

Helpful Tips to Know About Dogs with Children

There is a new member of the family on their way! Whether it is a new child or a new furry friend, a new member of the household means some changes are coming. This is true especially if you have children and pets living in the same household. Knowing these helpful tips about pets with children will make the transition easier and smoother on everyone. 

Choosing a Dog 

We may have had our dog before we had our children. Many people would agree that the care and safety of our children comes first. If we rough housed with our dog or allowed them to jump, snarl or bite, it may take some extra training before our dog and children can play safely together. If you are choosing a dog with children already in the household, choose a dog with a gentle nature. Older dogs who have been around children make excellent companions. Puppies require a lot of work and training. If your puppy grows up around children, they will understand how to behave with children and vice versa. 



Allergies is the big question when bringing a new member of the family into the household. Allergies can be the number one reason we have to give our pets away. Allergies are typically due to dander. Dander is the dead flakes of skin that trigger allergies when a pet sheds. Before we have to give up our furry friends, we can make an effort to reduce the symptoms of allergies by reducing the amount of dander.  You can reduce dander by bathing your dog using medicated dog shampoo once a week. Brushing their fur regularly will help reduce flake build up, disperse their natural oils and reduce shedding. 


Make sure your dog is in good health, especially when living with children. Being sure their vaccinations are up-to-date and regular trips to the vet is a must. To ensure even better health for your dog and better safety for your children, natural dog supplements such as dog multivitamins will maintain their wellbeing in between vet visits. Fleas, ticks and other nasty critters could linger on your pets skin or fur after a romp around outdoors. A quick wipe down using medicated cleansing wipes after an outdoor adventure is another preventative measure. You don’t want your children to potentially contract any illness from your dog.



Generally, well-trained dogs or dogs who grew up around children know how to behave around children. However, your child may not know how to behave towards the family dog. Don’t leave children alone with the dog until your child understands how to treat them. Teasing, hitting, grabbing or poking could potentially cause a harmful reaction. For example, grabbing their tails or pulling a bone from their mouth could lead the dog to react which may frighten or hurt your child who does not understand how to behave with animals. Teaching your child to touch the dog gently and respectfully will ensure both of their safety. Having your child involved in the care of the dog is a good opportunity to teach them responsibility and establishes a stronger bond between children and their pets.

Dogs and children do mix! It may require a little extra care and attention to ensure they adapt to one another, but it is certainly possible. Consider these helpful tips when planning to have a new member of the family! 


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