Hot Spots and Skin Issues: How Can You Help?

March 21, 2019

Hot Spots and Skin Issues: How Can You Help?

Your pup keeps biting at their fur and licking at their back leg. You lift up their chin to reveal tattered fur and a raw open wound on their skin. This is a hot spot. Hot spots are abrasions on the skin that form from anything that causes itchiness of the skin. This could be anywhere from mites and insect bites to skin wounds and allergies.

Your dog’s natural reaction is to repeatedly lick the area to clean it and to give the area attention. Hot spots and other similar skin issues can be a painful nuisance for you and your furry friend. Unless the area is treated or is prevented from forming to begin with, it’s very difficult for your dog to leave it alone long enough for their skin to heal properly. How can you help your dog with hot spots and skin issues?


Give your dog a bath once every two weeks. Never wash your dog daily. Washing your dog daily removes their natural oils. These natural oils serve as protective barriers for the skin and fur. Washing daily can also create dry skin. Like humans, dry skin causes itchiness. Your dog begins  to scratch more than usual creating more potentiality for their skin to crack open and bacteria to enter the abrasion.


Aside from their dog chow, your pup needs a supplement added to their diet that will give them a longer and healthier life. There are several kinds to choose from that have multipurpose effects. Omega-3 dog soft gels are used for skin care, itch relief, pet dandruff, dog hot spot treatment and anti-inflammatory. You can always stick to a dog multivitamin which covers many of the basics nutrients for your dogs wellbeing including those to help with skin issues and hot spots.


Whether or not the skin problem has already started, you can cleanse your dogs skin and fur with medicated wipes. Use these between baths to give your pets skin a little extra help. Use them after their bath to double-up on treatment. You can also give any exposed spots on their fur the once over with these wipes if they were romping around in unfamiliar territory. Antiseptic medicated wipes are treated with ingredients that cleanse, protect and prevent irritation.

Plastic Covers

The last resort measure you can take is getting your dog a plastic head cover. These are typically used after a dog has surgery to prevent them from ripping out their stitches. However, as upsetting as it is seeing them in this plastic cover, it may be able to help in the long term. If the hot spot or abrasion is receiving attention through medication and other treatments but your dog still won’t leave it alone, constant nibbling at it could prevent it from healing or create a recurring issue.

Your pet’s hot spot or wound isn’t always visible because of fur so it’s best to take preventative measures. If you see something, combine treatments and consult your vet. Sometimes wounds are worse than they look from the outside. It’s always best to do everything you can to ensure your dogs ultimate good health and happiness.


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