How to Care for Your Outdoor Cat

May 13, 2019

How to Care for Your Outdoor Cat

Our cats love to roam freely outdoors. The second my cat hears that backdoor open, she is headed straight for it. I recall her trying to squirm between my legs to get outside. I saw how badly she wanted to be outdoors. Eventually, I let her play outside. However, I was a little worried about how to keep her healthy and safe now that she is an outdoor cat.


Cats do not like getting wet. This is why they have little scrub brush tongues that feel like sandpaper. They pretty much cleanse themselves. However, when your feline friend is outside, there are much more pollutants, allergens and dirt out there than in the comfort of your home. To prevent any skin issues, wipe your furry friend with antiseptic wipes when they come inside for the night. Be sure to get behind their ears and in between their paws. They might not like it at first, but it beats trying to bathe them once a week or taking them to the vet if any other issues arise. Antiseptic wipes help prevent infection and relieve itching. They are medicated and come with 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution, 1% Ketoconazole and soothing aloe vera. They make an excellent alternative when trying to keep them clean after a day of play.



Be sure to never allow a feline that is declawed to be an outdoor cat. Cats need their claws for protection from other animals and to climb when in danger. Have a cat door. Having a cat door is a smart option if they need to get back into the house quickly or if weather conditions change unexpectedly.

Digestive Aid

Cats have an appetite for flesh. Yes, I’ve witnessed my neighbors cat eat an entire rabbit whilst outdoors. It was wild to watch firsthand. Even if your cat has never hunted, killed and eaten another living creature before, they might start if they are outdoors. It is very important to give your cat a daily probiotic to be sure their digestive health is taken care of. Cat probiotics help with diaherra, vomiting, inflammatory bowel disease and improving digestion. This is a supplement you can provide daily as a preventative measure and as a solution.


Immune Support

Your cat is much more susceptible to illness and infection when they are outside. This means pollutants and toxins they may have never been exposed to. They also may run into another critter or animal while outdoors. L-lysine powder is a natural supplement that treats feline herpes, eye infections, herpesvirus, cough, cat sneezing, runny nose, congestion and colds.This is an alternative treatment to cat antibiotics or medication which many can have nasty side effects.


Food & Water

Keep an extra water dish outdoors but never have your cats food dish outside. Having their food dish outside may attract other animals. Their food dish indoors will ensure they will come home to eat when hungry.


Your cat may be a naturally wild animal who has the know-how to play happily outdoors. As their friend and caretaker, be sure you are still providing them with the proper love and care for their lives as outdoors cats. They will live happier, healthier and safer lives!


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