How to Keep Your Grass Green with Pets 

August 20, 2019

How to Keep Your Grass Green with Pets 

We understand you love your dog, we also understand you love your backyard and front lawn too! It can be pretty challenging to keep your lawn completely intact with pets. Dogs like to romp around, dig holes and of course, use the outdoors as their bathroom. There are solutions to keeping your grass green even with pets. 

Why Does Dog Urine Kill Grass? 

Dog urine has high concentrations of nitrogen. Those yellow and dead spots of grass you see are “grass burns.” This comes from the nitrogen in your dog’s urine. Too much fertilizer can have a similar effect on your grass. 

Avoid the Lawn 

Take your dog on a walk every time they need to use the bathroom. It sounds good in theory, but may not be the most practical solution. If your dog really needs to go, sometimes they just can’t wait. Taking them on walks doesn’t solve the problem when it comes to your neighbors lawns either. If you primarily take your dog for walks around the neighborhood, they are going to want to use the bathroom on the nearest patch of grass they encounter. It might be your neighbors lawn! Not only will this give you a headache but it will give your neighbors a headache too. If you can establish a solid routine, it may be possible to have your dog avoid bathroom use on the grass altogether. 


Designated Areas 

Fence off one area of the backyard for your dog to do their business in. It may take some time to train them to use that area and only that area. Factor in the size and space of your backyard and lawn to determine if creating a designated area will work. Consider the rest of the lawn may look lovely but that area may be an eyesore in the grand scheme of the landscape. If your dog enjoys playing outdoors, running after them whenever they look like they are going to urinate could get tiresome. 

Grass Saver Treats 

Grass saver treats are a natural and safe dietary supplement to give to your dog to prevent grass burns. They contain DL Methionine for dogs to reduce nitrogen in dog urine. Not only will they keep your grass green, but surprisingly, many green grass supplements include probiotics and other nutrients that support your dogs health at the same time. Grass saver treats are a fast, easy and multi beneficial solution. Always check the label for daily dosage requirements. 

Wee-Wee Pads

Wee-Wee pads are typically used for potty training your pets. These are absorbent pads designed for urinating onto. You could train your dog to use wee-wee pads instead of the outdoors when using the bathroom. They have a tendency to smell but will lessen the use of outdoor bathroom breaks. 

We don’t always consider the effects of having a dog, particularly the impact on our home. Fortunately, there are solutions that will reduce any negative drawbacks so we can continue living happy and healthy lives with our furry friends! 


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