Is Your Dog Adopted? Helpful Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know

April 02, 2019

Is Your Dog Adopted? Helpful Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know

Having a dog from the time they are a puppy until they are full-grown pooch gives you the opportunity to know their behavior and to train them from the time they are born. However, many of us opt to adopt a dog from a previous owner, a dog shelter, a pet store or even a stray we find on the street. Like humans, different dogs have different temperaments. Whether it is the breed, the environment, natural causes or the experiences in their life, there are ways to help and to prevent certain behaviors that could be potentially harmful to you and your dog.


Most dogs are friendly. They love being in the company of new people. Some will literally jump at the opportunity to greet a new visitor or friend. Jumping and barking is common among dogs who haven’t had proper training. However, even after proper training, this may not always be the case. Changing the sound of your voice to a stern tone when they jump and then rewarding them when they stop is one way to control the behavior. However, there is another solution. Natural dog calming soft chews can also help. These are natural supplements that help ease dogs from pups to senior dogs. They have camomile and valerian root, harmless and natural ingredients for bark prevention and to reduce hyperactivity.


Thunderstorms, fireworks, car rides and even new locations can spark anxiety in your dog. This is especially common among adopted dogs who may have experienced a trauma or different owners along the way. Some signs your dog is experiencing anxiety include intense barking, scratching, marking, chewing on objects and inappropriate wetting. There are anxiety vests, calming collars and thunder jackets you can give use when the storm comes or when there is a car ride coming up. Use these in combination with anti-anxiety dog supplements. These are designed to be given to your dog about 30 minutes prior to a stressful event. They are a safe and natural way to help keep your dog calm and anxiety free.

Physical Health

Not all issues may be caused by behavioral problems. Before your furry friend came into your life, you may have an idea of what they were eating or how well they were being taken care of. Now that they are in your life, you want to be sure they are in tip-top shape. Plenty of exercise and room to move around is top priority. Next, choose nutritious dog chow appropriate for their age group. Last but not least, a dog multivitamin will ensure they are receiving extra care. Dog multivitamins contain ingredients and nutrients designed to treat and prevent physical issues. They can even help with behavioral problems if physical health is the cause.

It is a sensitive subject to get into the lifestyle your adopted animals may have endured during their time away from you. But with these helpful tips you can ease them back into a better way of living under your care and protection. Adding to your dog’s happiness and tending to any issues will only bring joy into both of your lives.


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