Is Your Dog Unhappy?

June 19, 2019

Is Your Dog Unhappy?

Your furry friend just hasn’t been acting like themselves lately. They barely greet you when you come home. They don’t run around or play like they used to. They sleep more often. They pester you when you are eating and they do other behaviors they learned not to do a long time ago. They seem lethargic and quite frankly, they seem depressed. If you dog is unhappy, there could be a variety of factors, but first it is best to tackle the ones you can treat right at home.

Changes in Lifestyle

If you moved to a new location, work different hours, have a new person in the household, hired a new dog walker or can’t be around your pooch as much, this could be the cause of their unhappiness. Spend more time with them when you can. Ask the caretaker to do the same as you were doing. Teach them something new. Bring something that smells like the old house. Even buying them a dog bed or new toys could help ease the transition. It may take some time but they will adjust to their new routine.

Changes in Diet

A new diet can affect your pals mood. Different foods contain different nutrients that may affect their overall health. However, sometimes animals just don’t like the new food they are getting. It may be the taste or different quality, but it may be best to change it back and supplement it with a dog multivitamin.

Changes in Age

Older dogs can have less energy than they used to. When we are busy at work, have other obligations or concerned with other things, we sometimes forget our furry friends are growing in age. One day we might have some spare time to spend the day playing in the park with them. We grow concerned because they aren’t fetching the ball like they used to. If the last time you were able to spend the day with them was a couple of years ago, things may have changed. Dogs mature more quickly than we do, especially in their earlier years. The first year of their life is equal to 15 human years. An average dog year is 7 years to the average human year. Dog multivitamins and probiotics can help with energy and relief in their old age.

Changes in Health

Your dog is possible to contract several issues over the course of their life. Many of which wouldn’t have been your doing or any fault of your own. No matter the cause, there are medicated shampoos, natural treatments and preventative supplements you can give your furry friend to ensure their health stays in tip-top shape!

We know you hate to see your dog unhappy. You can help with the right understanding, care and attention. Don’t hesitate to help! If things are not getting any better, consult a vet. There may be an underlying medical cause that needs attention. Don’t worry! Be proactive and patient, there is a brighter day tomorrow!


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