Is Your Pet Active Enough?

April 09, 2019

Is Your Pet Active Enough?

Dogs need plenty of exercise. Many dogs are bred to be of service to people. Hounds are used for hunting. Huskies are used for transportation. Collies and Shepherds are used for herding. The list goes on. However, many dog owners want their furry friends for no purpose other than to be companions and members of their family. We love spending time with our dog. Playing a game of ball or frisbee. Taking them to a lake to go swimming. Joining us on a hike or family outing. If your dog is exhibiting certain signs, there is a chance they aren’t active enough.


You dog may be hyperactive to begin with. Sometimes, this behavior can become out of hand. Jumping on strangers, pulling their leash on walks and chewing on objects that aren’t their toys. This is a telltale sign they aren’t getting enough physical activity. If you do increase their activity and the behavior does not stop, try a natural anti-stress or anti-anxiety supplement to calm them down.


Things have been really busy at work and you haven’t had the time to take your dog on a long walk for a few weeks. You finally have the opportunity to do something special with them. You find a dog-friendly park and take them off of their leash. You throw the ball 3 or 4 times and they run for it at full-speed. However, it’s only been a few minutes and already they are panting and laying down in the grass. This is a sign your dog may be becoming out of shape. Be sure to give them a good dog multivitamin to keep them healthy until their routine changes.  If things get too busy, find someone who will be able to take your dog out regularly until you can be more active with them.

Old Age

Your old dog isn’t going to be as spry as they were as a young pup. Just like people, that triathlon you did in your early 20’s, may be a bit more difficult in your late 50’s. Be sure your older dog takes natural dog supplements for hips and joints. Give them plenty of water when out and about. Don’t over exert them, their older bodies aren’t equipped for the same stunts they did as young pups.

Weight Gain

It may be more than their diet that is shifting your dog’s weight. First, be sure to cut back on too many treats or on table food. Secondly, double-check their dog chow is right for the age or breed. Thirdly, be sure they are getting plenty of exercise. 3 short walks a day may not be cutting it for your dog. There are even some breeds that have a tendency to gain weight faster than others such as Golden Retrievers.

If your dog is experiencing any of these issues, they may not be getting enough physical activity. Don’t blame yourself! There is always a solution! The right food, the right pet supplement and the right amount of exercise will help clear things up. It’s always best to consult with a veterinarian if you do not seen any changes in their behavior.


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