Natural Ingredients for Holistic Pet Care 

August 27, 2019

Natural Ingredients for Holistic Pet Care 

We want the best for our beloved pets. One thing is certain, not every dog chow or cat food on the market has all the ingredients necessary for your furry friends optimal health! The best way to ensure your pet pal is getting what they need is by knowing which natural ingredients work for holistic pet care. 

Hemp Powder 

Hemp powder is chock full of omega fatty essentials, including Omega-3 (alpha linolenic acid), Omega-6 (linoleic acid) and Omega-9! These help to strengthen the immune system, energize, reduce inflammation and boost a healthy skin and coat. Plus, hemp powder is a safe source of protein. You don’t see many dog chows on the market with organic hemp powder, but there are natural dog multivitamins that contain this essential ingredient. 


We may use turmeric in our meal preparation because of its naturally health supporting benefits. Turmeric also works wonders for your dog too! Turmeric helps with gastrointestinal health and inflammation. Whether it is inflammation in the gut or stiff muscles and joints, turmeric is known to help relieve the pain caused by issues like arthritis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Turmeric is also known to be a powerful antioxidant and steroid replacement for allergies in dogs. Being that inflammation is a cause of many diseases and disorders, its potent anti-inflammatory properties is extremely helpful in supporting your dogs wellness. 


Probiotics are safe and effective for both your cat and your dog. Probiotics naturally relieve issues in their digestive system. Anywhere from reducing the symptoms caused by Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) to naturally boosting their immune system, probiotics help control inflammation, ease their digestive systems and improve overall health. 


Pumpkin is a wonderful addition to your dogs diet. Pumpkin is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium. Plus, pumpkin is an excellent source of fiber. All of these nutrients will help aid digestion, support urinary health, reduce inflammation and improve the quality of their skin and coats. The actual pumpkin can be added to their diet but there are also dog supplements that have pumpkin added to their ingredients for convenience and ease. 

Omega-3 Fish Oil 

Omega-3 fish oil comes in handy for a variety of aches and pains your dog may be experiencing. Omega-3 also works as a preventative measure against certain diseases. It can help relieve common skin issues such as hot spots, dander and dry, itchy skin. Typically, Omega-3 is used to treat joints and muscle stiffness as a powerful anti-inflammatory.  Last but not least, let’s not forget about the positive impact Omega-3 has on heart and brain function! All of these combined make Omega-3 an exceptional ingredient to add to your furry friends diet. 

These are some of the most essential natural ingredients to give your pet pal that they may currently be missing from their diet. Consider choosing natural dog supplements that contain these ingredients for their health and wellness! 


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