Scaredy Dogs: How to Help Your Dog Overcome Anxiety

September 25, 2019

Scaredy Dogs: How to Help Your Dog Overcome Anxiety

A stranger walks into your front door, lightning strikes outside during a storm, another animal approaches or they keep burrowing under the covers as you are trying to sleep! There are many ways your furry friend may experience their anxiety. Sometimes we have no clue where their fear even stems from. All we know is we want to help get them through it! 

Creating a Safe Space

Some wild dogs dig holes and tuck themselves into the holes to sleep for protection. It may be associated with anxiety or your dog may be needing this ancestral trait. Creating comfortable nooks even with awnings or roofs for them to climb into can be their safe space to sleep or to run inside of when they get frightened. You can even place a blanket over their training cage or place a dog bed underneath your bed for them to sleep beneath. 

Calming Chews 

Natural dog calming soft chews that can be both an anxiety aid and nutritious trait may help solve their issues. They are made with valerian root for stress relief, L-tryptophan for relaxation, USDA organic chamomile, organic ginger root and organic passion flower for soothing composure. They are another healthy way to helping cure their anxiety. 


Anxiety Vests and Thundershirts

Anxiety vests and thundershirts are designed to work similar to swaddling a baby or hugging a person in distress. They are placed on your dog and add light pressure to their torso. They can be placed for extended periods of time during thunderstorms or whenever your dog has anxiety or a tendency to bark when scared. 

Dog-calming Music

There are entire soundtracks designed to help ease your furry friend’s anxiety and soothe them. The soundtracks are designed specifically for dogs to be simple sound by minimizing intricate auditory information. You can even try leaving the television or radio on while your not home if they suffer from separation anxiety. 



Yes, just like humans, exercise helps ease anxiety in dogs. Getting them to run and exert that extra energy such as playing a game of frisbee or taking them on a swim, may help those jitters. 



A good massage goes a long way. Circular motions with your fingertips all over their body will naturally relax them. Double bonus! It will help relax you too. 

We know a dog with anxiety can be slightly challenging. Some may bark incessantly, shake uncontrollably and even wet the floor. Give these natural and alternative remedies a try to help your furry friend overcome their anxiety! 


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