The Best Method to Bathing Your Dog

March 26, 2019

The Best Method to Bathing Your Dog

It might not be your first rodeo bathing your dog. Perhaps you never looked into it and you want to improve your technique. Maybe it is your first time bathing your furry friend and you want to do it perfectly or your pooch ventured into some unknown territory and you are taking precaution. They have a wound, skin infection or some other skin condition that needs a little extra care and attention. Whatever it may be, there are bathing methods to help improve their cleanliness and help treat their ailment simultaneously.

Choosing the right shampoo

There are boat loads of products out there to bathe your dog. Skip the sudsy stuff and stick to the one that cleanses, deodorizes and treats infections. Medicated pet shampoos containing chlorhexidine gluconate work like a charm. This safe ingredient will treat and protect against fungus, bacteria and yeast infection. It helps ease allergic reactions or as an antiseptic and even works to treat wounds and rashes such as pyoderma, ringworm, demodectic mange, seborhea, seborrhoeic dermatitis, acne and dandruff. Other products can actually cause more damage to your dogs skin. A medicated shampoo will ensure you are cleansing, treating and protecting.

Bathing frequency

Like feeding and sleeping, bathing time should also be a part of your dog care routine. Check the bottle of medicated shampoos to know the proper amount and frequency for your dog. Typically, dog’s should be bathed once every 2 - 3 weeks. Never bathe your dog everyday. Be sure to bathe them at the same time and in the same location. This will ease their anxiety and help them to remember how to behave in the bathtub. Reward them with a treat after their bath to help reinforce bathing as a positive experience. If your dog needs a cleaning between baths, opt for medicated and sanitizing dog wipes to easily cleanse them.


Where to bathe

The bathtub or a basin are the best places to bathe your dog. Bathing them outside using a hose isn’t recommended because there is more potential for allergens and bacteria to be in the environment. Also, keeping the hose running can rile them up and it will be more like playtime instead of bathtime.


How to Bathe

Gently brush your dog before their bath. Use lukewarm water. Fill the bathtub only about a quarter full. Lather the dog shampoo between your hands. Gently massage them from the paws up to the tops of their heads. Scrub behind their ears and other hard to reach places. Avoid getting it near their eyes. When rinsing use a detachable shower head or a bucket to pour water. Always shield their eyes with the palm of your hand when rinsing their heads and faces. Use a towel to dry them off. Allow them to air dry afterwards. Never use a blow dryer on their fur.

Now that you know the best method to bathing your dog, you can bathe them with confidence. You’ll see after a few times it becomes less like a chore and more of another fun activity for you and your furry friend.


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