Training with Treats for Your Dog 

July 30, 2019

Training with Treats for Your Dog 

Their wagging tails and happy faces, even their drooling mouths, might be the only thing we need to give our furry friend treats between meals. Some dogs come trouting over the second they hear the bag of goodies open. There is nothing wrong with giving your puppy pal treats for no reason whatsoever. Evenso, treats can be given to help train your dog as a reward. 

What Treats Should I Give My Dog? 

The answer to this question is more important than you may realize. When you cook yourself breakfast in the morning and the smell of bacon fills your house, your dog is ready for a bite. We can be tempted to give them human table food as a treat, but it is known that some table food can be a big no-no for your dog. If your dog gets accustomed to having table food as a treat, they may be tempted to take from your plate, a kitchen counter or even a table top when food is on it.

Dogs can’t safely eat everything we can eat either. Different breeds have different metabolisms which may affect their weight and overall health. Stick to dog treats when giving them treats. Preferably, dog treats that are both tasty and beneficial to their health. A dog multi-vitamin that doubles as a treat is a smart option. Treats to help with bad breath and teeth cleaning are another smart option. Never give your dog more than the recommended dosage per day. This will regulate the amount of treats you give your dog daily as well. 

When Should I Give My Dog Treats? 

Treats in training are used as a reward for good behavior or learning a new command. You want to give them a treat when they listen to you. If you plan to use a dog multivitamin or another treat that doubles as a supplement for your dog, then only give this treat based on the instructions on the package. This includes time of day and recommended dosage. It limits the amount of treats you can give. If you are training your dog, you will want to have dog treats that you can give multiples of. Don’t fret! You can add the natural dog supplement to their treat-ment plan! 

How to Give My Dog Treats? 

If you have never given your dog a treat before, your dog doesn’t necessarily know how to accept the treat from you. They are used to eating and drinking out of dog bowls, not from your hand. You want to be sure your dog takes the treat from your hand gently. If they barrel into your hand, jump on you or even bite your hand, you need to teach them to take the treat from your hand differently.

Hold the treat in your fist. The treat should be a little exposed but not enough for your dog to take a bite of it. Hold the treat firmly, then allow your dog to slowly move forward after they listened to your command. Only allow them to nibble off a small piece of it at first. This will discourage your furry friend from grabbing your fingers. This also works when training your dog to sit, stay or other useful commands. Never throw the treat, they will break focus by running after it. 


Let’s face it, our dogs may never stop begging us for a slice of bacon when the whole house smells like it, but we can give them healthier alternatives for dogs. We can also use treats as an opportunity to teach our pup good behavior and better listening skills. Dogs are fast learners and they will learn even faster with a good teacher who has great treats! 


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